"The executive who knows his strengths and weaknesses as a leader is likely to be far more effective than the one who remains blind to them."

Our Services

Hyer Power works with existing senior professional or advancing leaders who have specific needs over and above more general executive training.  Executive coaching can help busy executives enhance their company and professional lives and improve the quality of their personal and private lives.

Increasing numbers of these professionals in key corporate roles are interested in maximizing their potential, enhancing their strengths and finding ways to achieve greater balance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives.

Professional executive coaches can help leaders grow and improve performance, reduce or eliminate their blind spots and be open to constructive feedback, not only reducing the likelihood of failure, and premature burnout but also provide an atmosphere in which the executive can express fears, failures and dreams. Smart CEOs and progressive organizations now realize the value of a good CEO Coach.

We can assist with providing a confidential and safe environment to explore challenging, perplexing or hazardous issues that arise professionally or personally.   Hyer Power has several years experience in coaching and counselling managers, professionals and executives from industries ranging from engineering and construction, government departments, information technology through to human services and health.

Despite its popularity, many senior executives are reluctant to report they have a coach, says Jonathan Schwartz, former president and chief executive of Sun Microsystems, who had an executive coach.  We understand that confidentiality necessitates constraint on the part of our senior clients and they therefore require full confidentiality.   We with Hyer Power ensure this as an integral part of the business.

Hyer Power provides expertise in areas such as emotional intelligence building, coping with workplace demands and stress, understanding power plays and politics, handling the conflicts in business and at home, managing different types of relationships, raising self awareness and supporting necessary and sustainable change. 

Hyer Power offers face-to-face, telephone, Skype and email services for our busy clients from all over Australia and even overseas.   While meeting personally is helpful to the development of the coaching relationship, it is not essential for all sessions.