Top executives who feel that they can handle it all by themselves are more likely to burn out, make poor decisions or make no decisions


Proactive Action

“The most successful candidates for senior roles such as CEO require balanced attention to all aspects of life. They build in special and ongoing attention to family, fitness, friends, finances, fun and their inner values. They know themselves well and continually review and develop their personal vision for how they want to contribute to their career, their family and to their employer and community. Successful individuals know they cannot focus solely on power, prestige, privilege, prosperity or pleasure.” Paul Croteau – managing partner at Legacy Bowes Group.

Hyer Power Executive Coaching can help balance the different facets of your life, find your blind spots (often hidden under layers of life) that hold you back from taking further steps for the next role in your life.  By being proactive your can grow in abundance and avoid the dangers of neglect, misuse and misguidance.  Coaching is often about seeking and realising potential not just identifying problems that exist. 

Problem Indicators

Information that something needs attention can come from different sources.  The executive, professional, manager, director etc might observe a positive change or negative symptoms themselves although in most cases others observe uncharacteristic, negative or different behaviour and become aware of potentially relevant issues.     

A business might not be meeting desired outcomes or making sufficient profits, targets are not being met, a colleague is undermining, a director is burnt out, a partner is threatening to leave, energy levels are diminishing, work satisfaction has plummeted, a competing company has surged ahead or you just want to explore possibilities or do a confidential debrief with someone completely impartial who understands your unique circumstances and the role of seniority and responsibility.

Many leaders can be resistant to change despite wanting to have growth and increased prosperity.  "They argue rather than ask interesting questions to help them understand." They can use avoidance  – "going along (with the process) to get along or using passive aggression".  However, ultimately, despite their resistance – most high achievers want to be better people and improve their performance.   They seek to know how the benefits will link back to their businesses.  And this can be attained by creating a happier board, happier shareholders, happier staff, happier families and happier selves."

When problems exist the more obvious symptoms can include:

  • Conflict or lack of connection at home with partner and/or children

  • Irritability, frustration or anger

  • Poor sleep

  • Waking early

  • Increasing alcohol or drugs to wind down.

  • Migraines, back ache, allergies, eczema, ulcers.

  • Vomiting and diarrhoea which might be too much adrenalin caused by relentless stress

  • Avoidance

  • Loss or gain of weight

  • Conflict with colleagues or other business associates

  • Reckless spending or gambling

  • Obsessional Thinking

  • Loss of Focus

  • Confusion


Wisdom in Leadership

To engage your Higher Power

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