"The most brilliant
and successful
sometimes lose sight
of wisdom and
common sense."

About Us

Joni Bryan-Power is the principal and owner of Hyer Power.  Joni is a coach with over twenty five years of experience in coaching, counselling and clinical roles, addressing corporate issues, organisational behaviour, business matters, leadership, professional and personal development, communication, and the provision of education, mentoring and supervision.  She has worked in both public and private sectors.  Joni provides services primarily throughout Australia and some services to Asia and New Zealand.  Joni is centred in Brisbane Queensland.


Joni grew in her role as a psychologist from a rich background of professional and personal experience in science, performing arts and education and training.  She has held executive positions, senior education and chief psychologist positions, provided high level consultancy to organisations and senior officers and has owned her business for several years. 

Her academic background includes a Masters Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science (Honours) and a Bachelor of Education.  Joni has experience in organisational psychology as well as several years of active work in conflict management.  Her role as a coach was a natural development from her extensive professional experience and training.  Her specialist niche has developed from her experience of working with senior executives and professionals.

Vision and Approach...

Joni believes in contributing to the highest of human potential and is dedicated to the gaining of wisdom and the promotion of leadership with integrity.  She combines the rigor of traditional and evidence based approaches with an eclectic framework for growth, development and change.  She has a respect for people and a love of life, and is dedicated to the creation and preservation of healthy industry.  Joni is recognised for her candour and her ability to distil complex information to assist others to find solutions to individual situations.

Joni and others with her business have the rare combination of Coaching and Counselling.  They combine extensive clinical and industrial experience, with a managerial background and business acumen, and a thorough knowledge and experience in psychological approaches. 

Joni’s papers and publications include: The Use of Team Management Systems in a Health Care Organisation, Peer Supervision in the Emergency Services Area, People Management and Emotional Intelligence for Engineers, A Post-traumatic Treatment Program for Veterans and A Model for Early Intervention for Psychosis.  Her most recent writing is in relation to the mental health of senior professionals and executives; and leadership with integrity.