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Welcome to Hyer Power Executive Coaching and Counselling where we provide a unique service for Executives, Senior Professionals, Senior Managers and Leaders. We combine the working knowledge of the business and organisational worlds with exceptional expertise in coaching and counselling. The Principal and owner of our business is Joni Bryan-Power.

All successful senior professionals want better, more sustainable results. To achieve different results you need to think, act and behave differently. Hyer Power provides the challenge and support that executives, directors and professionals need in order to continually raise their game and maintain quality of life. Hyer Power is dedicated to leadership and excellence with integrity and authenticity.

Top performers face many opportunities and threats at the same time and have a difficult time feeling certain they have a grasp on it all. Hyer Power's specialty involves being able to understand the unique complexities and ambiguities inherent in the executive, professional and managerial worlds.

Many CEOs and senior executives have a greater capacity to deal with stress than the rest of us. Some are just simply better equipped for it and that's one reason they are C/SEOs. However, that doesn't mean stress isn't a problem for them. They still suffer and sometimes make rash or unwise decisions under pressure like anyone else.

Sometimes they may not realise what is their real source of stress. They may get carried away fighting a customer service problem, but that's just the straw that breaks the camel's back when the real issue is marital distress. We at Hyer Power require almost all stressed-out executives to start out by expanding the picture and looking broadly at their lives to recognise all the pressures on them. Then they can more easily start thinking and reasoning clearly, free of stress responses.

It is true that some CEOs muscle through just about anything and continue to do the job. But after a certain point, that can't last. If they are struggling with the stress of difficult personal, family or psychological challenges, their private distress can drastically impair their ability to be the leaders they want and need to be.

Executives and middle managers alike can be exhausted by their brutal schedules and the intense demands on them. This in turn can lead to health problems, deteriorating relationships and weakened job performance.

The work of a CEO has never been more challenging and rewarding. However, the job can be a lonely one despite the generous compensation, perks and attention. As a result, Boards, and CEOs are increasingly turning to engaging professional executive coaches to assist CEOs in their performance and growth and reduce attrition.

The job of CEO is unique from several perspectives: No one else needs to hear the truth more, and gets it less from employees; no one else is the focus of criticism when things go wrong; no one else is the final decision maker on difficult and often lose-lose decisions; and finally, no one else enjoys the almost hero-celebrity status and rewards.

Leading and Living with Integrity